25. – 27. October 2019




If planning to attend the event with public transport, please read the following PDF:

Attending CEC Kope with public transport


How to become WSL

Is IAESTE your greatest passion? Would you like to help other LCs with your knowledge and experience? Become a workshop leader and maximize your positive impact!

In this workshop we will share our WS leading experience and tips to teach you how to share knowledge the most effective and entertaining way. We will cover workshop structure, communication tips and tricks, energy management, crisis management and how to enjoy this beautiful role the most. In the second part of the workshop, you will acquire your first workshop leading experience.

Our goal is to inspire and motivate the best future workshop leaders. Is that you?  This workshop is compulsory for new applicants to the Workshop Leaders pool.

Lenka Kaderabkova
Tomas Petrek
CER Development
Jan Zajicek

In the first half of the CER Development Working Group will be classic Representatives’ meeting for the National Secretaries, Representatives and CER Management Team members. Including this meeting, we’ll be focusing also on the Exchange Task Force output, Strategy 2025, some outcomes from LEAP conference and the current status of the region and brainstorm about every possible point to improve the region more. It’s going to be an interactive working group, so bringing your feedback on the region, and your creative ideas would be highly recommended. We’re already looking forward to get together to make CER great again!

Game Theory

In almost every situation we are faced with decisions, even though most of the time we don’t even realise it. Some of these decisions are simple and we should make them without wasting time and brainpower, while some are complex (especially when the right decision depends in part on the actions of other people) and will have a great influence on our future. Telling these types of decisions apart and spending the right amount of resources on the decision making process can be a difficult task, but in this workshop we will attempt to hone our skills in this regard.

Game theory in particular considers the question of how people act in given situations to achieve the best possible outcomes and when those actions conflict with the interests of the group. Using game theory, complex situations can often be boiled down to simple scenarios, in which the incentives of each “player” become clear, thus simplifying the coordination efforts and the development of common strategies

Marco Sulzgruber
Stefanie Zottl


Project Management

Project management is a core for every professional organization. Whether your time in IAESTE or in your professional career, you will be responsible for managing a project. Therefore you have to start learning this important skill.

In this workshop, we will show you different project management approaches and tools in the first half of the workshop. In the second half, we will apply what we have learned into IAESTE examples.

The goal of this workshop is to improve the project management skills of the participants so they can implement these newly learned skills in IAESTE projects so they can improve their LCs, and hopefully implement some of the things in their professional life to improve their future careers.

Kristina Sasinkova
Boris Raus
Event Management
Radovan Kouril
Anamarija Orsolic

You like planning and enjoying in the events? Creativity and thinking outside of the box? Or you prefer having control over situation? Whatever your answer will be-we have perfect solution. We will show you how to plan perfect event- from idea of the event to realisation. Get through everything what is necessary to plan an amazing event and how to solve problems you will face in the last minute. But also, we won’t forget that events are full of fun so we will discover your creative side and encourage you to create great events for IAESTE.

Job Raising WG

Without internships IAESTE doesn’t exist and without jobraising these internships wouldn’t exist. Therefore this workgroup will be about one of the most important tasks in our association: jobraising. The aim of this work group is to share jobraising knowledge and experience across countries and get to know the different systems and approaches. This input should serve as inspiration for new ideas regarding jobraising in your local or national committee.

Lisa Oller
Helena Krumbacher
Exchange WG
Iveta Skorpilova
Kinga Urbanek

The mission of IAESTE is to provide a high quality practical training exchange programme between members in order to enhance technical and professional development. Hence, exchange is one of the most important topics to discuss. Do you want to broaden your knowledge about exchange and best practices in other countries? Do you want to meet people that are doing the same job and have the same problems as you? Join our workgroup! We invite to be part of the discussion about exchange best practices in other countries and also find idea how to improve the process – we are here for you! 

RPG Teamwork

We will start this workshop by playing a Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead RPG (Role-Playing Game) where you and your group will have to work together in order to survive and finish the game! Will you play alongside Jon Snow or perhaps with Rick Grimes?

We will also play an IAESTE RPG where you and your group will go through several stages an IAESTE LC and NC go in order to reach the AC. Depending on what course/situation you keep choosing; you will receive more or less internships. The group that gets the most number of internships and reaches the AC, wins!

All through these RPGs, I will show you the fundamentals of Teamwork that will help you become a stronger team-member as well as understanding the team as a whole.

NOTE: No previous experience in playing RPGs is required. Anyone is welcome to join this workshop!

Eli Castro
Mohamad Hayek
Anna Stefanisin

In this workshop, we will first discuss the definitions of team work and being a teamplayer. We will go through values and skills that shape the team morale. Then we will go into different approaches of team building based on different real life scenarios. This includes discussion about the role of each member in a team. A part of this workshop would be spent on a real life scenario where participants will be divided into groups and given a topic to work on as a team. The importance of this exercise is to allow participant to have a hands-on application on the skills they learned in this workshop.


LC/NC Management

IAESTE Local Committees are the core of our great association. These cores need capable leaders that has different important skill sets like leadership, communication and planning. In this workshop we will use both theoretical and practical knowledge to improve your skill set.

We will share our combined experience in IAESTE with you in order to make you capable and motivated leaders for your respective LCs.

Kristina Sasinkova
Kinga Urbanek
Human Resources
Anamarija Orsolic
Helena Krumbacher

What drives you? And what drives others? This workshop is about our most important resource in IAESTE – our members. We will talk about teamwork, conflict, motivation and how to best bring out the potential of the team by bringing out the potential of everyone. Get ready for lots of discussing, a little bit of psychology and some tools and strategies to take home and improve your IAESTE team.

Job Raising for Newbies

As jobraising is one of the most essential parts of IAESTE, every member should have some idea how to approach companies and raise offers. With an introduction to jobraising, talking about the system of jobraising, experience sharing and a practical session this will be a perfect mix for new and less experienced members.

Lisa Oller
Iveta Skorpilova
Master your CV and LinkedIn

Are you going on an IAESTE internship soon or perhaps you will be graduating in the near future and have seen the amount of info there is on the internet about making a CV and LinkedIn and don’t really know what to do or what’s best?

Not to worry! After my 4-month recruitment internship in New Zealand and 3 years of deep research on how to make a CV and LinkedIn, I wanted to share everything I have learned so far in this workshop.

I will show you my personal history of different CVs I did and all the mistakes I made (so you don’t make them!) as well as what makes a CV stand in the top 1%, how Recruiters/Hiring Managers/HR read your CV, algorithms that can read your CV and how to pass them, how to create a stellar LinkedIn and, of course, weeding out all the bad info there’s on the internet so you finish this workshop with only the best and golden tips on how to master your CV and LinkedIn.

Eli Castro
Web Design

Would you like to gain basic web design skills and learn about the design process-about all steps from idea to realization? What do you think of when you hear the words “good web design”? What is the aim of succesful web design? You are all invited to the workshop where you will learn the basics of web design and gain a comprehensive insight into this field.

In this workshop, you will learn about the basics of layout, typography and colors online. I will present to you some modern tools that are used in the web design nowdays and talk about good design practices (mobile-first design, design thinking, double diamond, design spirit). With the workshop, you will also get an insight into the cost and get to know timeframes for designing websites.

Davorin Mesaric
Exchange for Newbies
Linda Kolb
Boris Raus

Every year IAESTE sends about 3.000 trainees to over 80 countries around the world. IAESTE trainees get the opportunity to improve their language skills, develop a practical understanding of their field of study and have an impact on the society and culture in their receiving country. But how does the IAESTE exchange actually work?

Join our workshop and we will show you how the exchange magic happens. We will explain to you both sides – incoming and outgoing – so you will be ready to join the exchange team of your local committee.

The gem of central Europe

The Republic of Slovenia lies at the heart of Europe where the Alps and the Mediterranean meet the Pannonian plains and the Karst. It is a small country, with two million people living on just over twenty thousand square kilometers of land.

Despite the small size, we are home to the oldest grape vine, tallest cliff on the Adriatic coast, oldest European stud farm (Lipica), the oldest show cave (Vilenica cave), the longest stone arch railway bridge (Solkan Bridge, 219 m) and to the ‘human fish’, and aquatic salamander, which is endemic to the karst and was believed to be a baby dragon.

Slovenian people also like to sing, dance and make music. The oldest discovered musical instrument – a flute – was discovered in a cave called Divje Babe and is over 41.000 years old. Nowadays Slovenia is mostly known for its folk music, which combines the rhythms of polka and waltz. Many experts consider “Na Golici” to be the most frequently performed instrumental music of all time.

But we are most proud of our diverse and intact nature. The karst consists of more than 13.000 caves, forests cover more than 60% of our country, we have one of the largest bear populations in Europe, there are more than 10.000 kilometers of marked hiking trails and more than 60 nature reserves. 

That is why this year, CEC will be organized in Kope, a small village, located on the Pohorje Massif, which is part of the Alpine foothills. During the winter it serves as a ski resort and during the summer it transforms into a popular vacation destination where you can enjoy hiking and biking.

€ 91


Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia

€ 93


LC Dresden, LC Munich, LC Jena, Macedonia and Turkey

€ 95

Everyone else

The Central European Convention is the major international event of the Central European Region happening twice every year. Members of all CER countries meet to learn from each other and discuss future plans.

The Central European Region is a communication platform from 10 countries, to strengthen the collaboration between the member countries of IAESTE and help each other to reach the aims and mission of IAESTE Asbl, through organizing workshops for the members of the LCs and work together on international projects.

The first Central European Convention (CEC) was held in May 1998 in Tuheljske Toplice, Croatia, on the initiative of Thomas Haim, former National Secretary IAESTE Austria, and Mario Kauzlaric, former National Secretary IAESTE Croatia. Because of the great success, the CEC is being held two times a year, in a rotation schedule – so each country will organize the event every three years.


Please send the full amount of the participation fee(s)* in euros before the 8. September 2019 at 23:59CET.

Send a confirmation of the money transfer to cec.finance@iaeste.si. After that we will send you the receipt.

Paying with cash upon arrival is not possible.

If the fee is not paid on time the participant automatically loses their spot and the next person on the waiting list will get the place.

*Non EU/EEA countries: Make sure that the amount you transfer covers the participation fee(s) and all of the costs of bank transfer.

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All cancellations must be notified before 5th September 2019 to get a full fee refund. After this date fee refunds will no longer be possible. If you find someone who can take your place, please send the name and contact email of the replacement to cec@iaeste.si.


All participants of 42th CEC conference in Kope are required to take upon themselves all risks connected with the participation in the mentioned conference, concerning any risks of injuries or damages, including all foreseeable and unforeseeable risks. In the course of participation in the mentioned conference, in case of any damage caused by the participant or from participant’s negligence, the participant is obliged to provide compensation and will assume the rest of responsibility exclusively themselves and shall indemnify the organization, and keep the organization indemnified of all the costs and responsibility. Also if a participant loses their room keys they will cover all the costs themselves. All participants are required to act with caution during social activities.

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